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HDI Fish Finder Lowrance Elite 7 Review


HDI Fish Finder Lowrance Elite 7 with Down Scan Overview has many cool features that will help you to easily know where the fish are hiding.

The HDI Fish Finder Lowrance Elite 7 video covers…

  • HDI Fish Finder Lowrance Elite 7 Review Video
  • Built In HDI Unit
  • Internal GPS
  • Rigging Free Power Cord
  • HDI Fish Finder Adjustable WideScreen
  • HDI Fish Finder Mapping Page
  • Elite-7 HDI Fish Finder Features
  • Final Words And Credits

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HDI Fish Finder Lowrance Elite 7

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This video is a review of The Lowrance Elite HDI Fish Finder that comes with a Down Scan Feature.

Brought to us by the Wired2Fish Fishing Youtube Channel. Please check them out for other reviews and fishing videos.

Chris And Scott take the time to let us know a great review of this HDI Fish Finder Lowrance Elite 7.

Below is the video transcript of the above video.  Subtitles have been added to organize the text.

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HDI Fish Finder Lowrance Elite 7 Review Video

Scott: Chris Meyer you’re with Lowrance, you’re one of the first guys to run this unit.

Tell us what’s so special about the Elite 7 HDI.

Chris: The Elite 7 is a unit that has built in GPS, broadband sonar and down view.

We have two different price points.

So there a version, that’s going to come with your HST WSBL transducer.

So that’s your standard Lowrance transducer.

Chris: Yeah, it is.

Yep. Sonar GPS.

To get the down view, you’re going to get this HDI transducer.

If you buy the version, you can always buy this transducer later and add it to the Elite 7 HDI, and then you’ll have mapping broadband, sonar and down view.

Built-In HDI Unit

Scott: So, you have all those things built in the HDI unit?

Chris: Yes, sir.

Scott: The first thing I noticed about this elite seven HDI is this big widescreen.

Chris: Yeah, the widescreen format is found in TVs, your iPads, all your tablets, so it’s just a nice, easy transition to start going towards the screen format.

The nice part about the widescreen format. When we have this in a three-panel split, you can have your map, your traditional sonar, and your down view, and it fits real nicely on one screen.

The sonar its built-in is broadband sonar, so it’s the same sonar HDS has and the down view, which is very similar to our down view in structure scan.

Internal GPS

The GPS, it’s internal.

Internal antenna.

We can accept the Lowrance insight pro card and the Navionics premium cards as far as cartography.

Scott: This unit it has the capability for Insight Genesis mapping as well?

Chris: It does.

So, if you are an Insight Genesis user, you can log your sonar data on this unit, go back home on your computer and it’ll convert and make your own map, and that map you can save on an SD card, put right in your Elite 7, you’re off and running Insight Genesis.

As far as connections on the back, you’ll see there’s NEMA 2000.

NEMA 2000 in the Elite 7 is for a waypoint transfer and LGC 4,000 hookup only.

Scott: If I have two of these units, they can communicate back and forth.

Chris: Yeah, you can share your waypoints back and forth between if you have say an HDS or LCX LMS product, you can buy this, hook it in, add the NEMA 2000 boss and share your waypoints when you mark one… like put it on your front unit and vice versa.

Rigging Free Power Cord

The power cord is the same power card that HDS uses that LCX LMS use so if you have, say an LCX 25 and it die, you can take this, put it in its place without having to do any rigging of your boat.

Scott: So, if I’m Lowrance owner and I have blue plug connectors, I can connect it to any existing blue plug that I have on the boat?

Chris: You got it.

To get the down view, you need to add the HDI transducer, which comes in the $6.99 package.

The $5.99 package comes with your traditional 83-200.

Scott: The average guy going fishing, what are the things he should look for when he’s taking the Elite 7 HDI out on the water for the very first time?

Chris: Press pages, you’ll notice the new page layout so we can have a full screen structure, a full screen, broadband sonar, full screen GPS, sonar plus GPS, sonar plus down view, and our three-panel page. I like the three-panel page.

It gives us three vertical columns, we have our GPS, our traditional 2D sonar, and our down view.

You can get on the water and get the feel for what you want to see.

HDI Fish Finder Adjustable WideScreen

Scott: When I look at this widescreen unit, it’s surprising how much screen space is dedicated to each view. Do you have the capability to adjust that at all?

Chris: You want to adjust all of these windows; this is the first elite product where you’ve actually been able to customize your screens and what you’re going to see and how big they are.

If you hit the pages and menu, you can go down and adjust your split to be over under or side by side.

You can adjust the chart panel page or the sonar panel pages, depending on how you want to do that.

So, we want to have a little bigger chart page, we hit enter on adjust chart panel, and then we just take and slide it over.

The sonar pages and we’ll adjust equally.

Scott: So, if I’m navigating, I’m running water where my chart is very important to me that I see the majority of that, I’m still not giving up my sonar reading or my down scan reading.

Chris: You got it.

Scott: Let’s go out and see how that sonar looks on the water.

Okay, we’ve got three screens up, like you suggested.

HDI Fish Finder Mapping Page

So, we’re seeing our mapping page, we’re seeing our broadband stoner, and we’re seeing our down scan.

How do I go from page to page to page so I can adjust the different menus on those specific pages?

If you hit pages, pages, it’ll rotate us to the next screen so now we’re on our map page, if I hit pages, pages, it will bring us to our traditional sonar screen, and if we want to go to the down view, we hit pages, pages, and now we’re on the down view.

Scott: And these units have the trackback feature on them, so I can go back and store a waypoint, correct?

Chris: Yeah, so now we’re sitting there trying to not hit anyone we can actually take and scroll back in history and hit enter, enter, and now we just marked a waypoint so we can go back to those fish.

Scott: So, what I’m seeing now is a widescreen unit brought out by Lowrance, the Elite HDI that gives you absolutely incredible detail.

Chris: Yeah, you can count every single one of those fish.

Scott: Unbelievable.


Elite-7 HDI Fish Finder Features

Elite-7 Ti2-7-inch HDI Fish Finder no Transducer Model Wireless Networking, Real-Time Map Creation Preloaded C-MAP US Inland Mapping.

  • ENHANCED DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY: High-resolution, 7-inch Solar MAX display that makes it easier to identify fish and structure with new, enhanced screen clarity and target separation.
  • FISH REVEAL SMART TARGET VIEW: Makes fish easier to see on DownScan Imaging by combining clear CHIRP sonar fish targets with superior, high-resolution views of bottom detail, structure, and baitfish.
  • PRELOADED HIGH-DETAIL MAPPING: Fish new water like a pro with preloaded US Inland mapping that features 4,000 lakes with 1-foot contours. Narrow your search for productive water, easily locating fish-holding structures like ledges, drop-offs, and cover.
  • WIRELESS NETWORKING: Share sonar, mapping, waypoint, and route data between Elite Ti2 displays without connecting a cable with the new wireless networking capability of Elite Ti2.

Final Words And Credits

The HDI Fish Finder Lowrance Elite 7 Review video was made by the people at the Wired2Fish Youtube Fishing Channel here.

Please visit them for more awesome fishing videos.

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