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Tips To Fishing in the Current Off Fishing

Tips To Fishing In The Current Off Fishing

Fishing in the Current tips that would make it easier for you to catch that fish a lot easier.

Tips To Fishing in the Current

In this fishing video, Matt from SB Fishing TV lets us know the tips that he uses to catch fish.

This fishing in the current video below covers…

  • What Lures are Being Used?
  • Where to Find The Fish in The Current
  • Where Should You Cast In The Current
  • Bait Positioning
  • Final Words and Credits

Below is the video transcript of the above video.  Subtitles have been added to organize the text.

Some words were hard to understand, so I did the best I could to match them.

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Tips To Fishing Current Video

What’s up, guys. I’m matt from SB Fishing TV here from Mistery Tackle Box.

Today I’m out fishing on the Potomac River.

“The Potomac River is the fourth largest river along the Atlantic coast and the 21st largest in the United States. It runs over 383 miles from Fairfax Stone, West Virginia to Point Lookout, Maryland and drains 14,670 square miles of land area from four states and Washington DC.” – Source: chesapeakeconservancy.org

I want to give you a couple of tips and tricks on how to effectively fish in the current.

So if you find yourself on a body of water that you’re fishing with current.

It’s gonna be a lot different than fishing a pond or a lake and there are a couple of different tactics that you can use to help you find fish a little bit easier.

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So today we’re gonna go over…

Where to find fish in current? What baits to use? Boat positioning and bait positioning.

What Lures are Being Used?

Lucky Craft Square Bill Crank bait

So as far as baits go and fishing in current or you know faster-moving water I like to use moving baits.

So right here I have a Lucky Craft Square Bill Crank Bait that’s the first thing that I’m gonna be throwing around today.

I also have a Strike King Swim Jig tied on and a Bladed Swim Jig.

Where to Find The Fish in The Current

As far as finding fish goes when it comes to fishing in the current… you really want to look for those areas that have a little bit of slack water behind moving water.

So you’re gonna look for you know pieces of wood, big logs, any sort of bridge pilings, you know.

You can also let the water kind of tell you what’s going on.

As you can see out here on the water there’s a bunch of ripples and that generally means that there’s some sort of the change in bottom contours

So whether it’s cover, you know rocks, wood, or just the difference in bottom contour.

A lot of those fish are gonna stack up behind these areas that kind of have Eddie’s water and basically, they’re just kind of chilling back there waiting for bait to come overhead so they can go up for an easy meal.

So when you’re fishing in areas with heavy currents such as this, you’re gonna want to look for things that are gonna break up that water a little bit

As far as this bridge goes the pilings work really well for breaking that water and kind of giving you an area with a little bit of an eddy.

So you can see here in the corner the water kind of circulates around like this and that’s because this edge is blocking that current flow.

Where Should You Cast In The Current

Something really important that you want to keep an eye out for is fishing those areas because that’s where the fish are gonna stack up and congregate a little bit more.

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Then being out in the main current so these fish are going to stack up behind these pilings and just wait for bait to come by for an easy meal.

They’ll shoot out and grab it and then go right back into those Eddie spots where the water isn’t moving so fast.

You want to make casts to these spots, get a higher percentage in catch rate and you’re just going to have the bait in the fish’s face a little bit longer that way.

I don’t know if you guys just saw that right there, but there was actually, there’s actually a small largemouth bass chasing a tiny little minnow right here in that little Eddie area that I was just talking about.

You can see the water swirling around and basically that baitfish got caught in that current and the bass just came up and absolutely annihilated them right here on top.

I really hope that showed that was pretty cool, but, a perfect picture of what I was trying to paint earlier.

Bait Positioning

Bait positioning is a really important thing when fishing current.

You always want to throw into the current and pull it down.

As far as boat positioning goes… say we were out on the water, you want to face your boat up into the current.

What I like to do is, I like to do a technique called Back Drifting.

Drift fishing requires some weight to get the bait down, but the motion of the boat moves the bait through the water slowly. You can also drift a bait under a bobber or popping cork.” – Source: takemefishing.org

So, the currents flowing this way right now. I’m gonna have the boat facing forward and the trolling motor up.

I’d be basically drifting backward and just using the trolling motor to keep the boat straight.

Making casts up into the current and again pulling it back down towards the boat.

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That’s really effective because it’s gonna keep the bait in the fish’s face longer.

It’s also gonna allow the fish to see that bait a little bit longer.

Hopefully, it’ll catch you some really big fish.

Final Words and Credits

Alright guys I hope you enjoyed these tips on fishing in the current.

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