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Anglers might net reward steelhead fishing -offfishing


ROSEBURG, Ore – Anglers who get an incubator steelhead and return the nose to an ODFW assortment barrel get an opportunity to win a $50 gift voucher if their fish is coded wire labeled. Month to month prize drawings run December through April 2020.

The challenge is intended to urge fishermen to leave the noses of reaped Umpqua Basin incubation center winter steelhead in assortment barrels at famous vessel slopes. Barrels are additionally in Roseburg at Sportsman’s Warehouse and the ODFW office on North Umpqua Highway. Packs and labels with date and area of collect are in the barrels.

ODFW checks the noses for coded wire labels in the second of a multi-year research venture to improve winter steelhead fishing in the South Umpqua River. Fish were labeled not long ago and delivered in four gatherings at acclimation locales in Canyonville.

STEP scientist Evan Leonetti needs to realize which delivery timing is the most valuable to fishermen, especially those fishing the South Umpqua River.

“Those labels disclose to us which delivery date and gathering gives a superior return for fishermen which is the reason it’s essential to return noses of collected incubation center steelhead,” Leonetti said. “The possibility to win a gift voucher is a reward, and we would like to gather more noses this year.”

Volunteers with an adaptable calendar are expected to gather collect data from winter steelhead fishers on the North and South Umpqua waterways. That data is utilized related to the coded wire label information to all the more likely deal with the incubation center fishery. Volunteers are likewise expected to check the assortment barrels.

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