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Top 10 Fishing Hacks, Tips, Tricks, and Techniques


Fishing hacks for beginners may save you time and save you money on your fishing gear and help you catch more fish.

These simple to follow fishing hacks will save you time and money and may help you to catch more fish.

Let us know which one is your favorite fishing hack in the comments below.

The Top 10 fishing hacks for beginners video covers…

  1. Use Google To Find Good Fishing Spots
  2. Do Not Hook Your Lure To The Fishing Pole Eyes
  3. Use an Open Face Reel
  4. Save Money on Your Fishing Gear
  5. Use a Diaper Pin to Keep Your Hooks Organized
  6. Proper Use of a Fish Stringer
  7. Fish at The Right Time of Day
  8. Bring as Many Baits as Possible Fishing Hacks
  9. Add Nail Clippers to Your Tackle Box
  10. Keep Your Bait On The Hook

You can read more about these fishing hacks for beginners below.

10 Fishing Hacks For Beginners

TOP 10 Fishing Hacks For Beginners Pinterest
This fishing hacks for beginners video from the AnglersEscape Youtube channel brings us tips, tricks, and techniques that will improve your chances of catching a fish.

Below is the video transcript of the above video.  Subtitles have been added to organize the text.

Some words were hard to understand, so I did the best I could to match them.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you purchase an item thru these links. Which I will use in turn to buy myself more fishing gear. Thanks.

Top 10 Fishing Hacks Video Transcript

Top 10 Fishing Hacks Tips Tricks and Techniques for Beginners
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What is up guys? This is Zach from Angler’s Escape and today I have a top 10 video for you guys and to make it interesting,

I’m going to go down from 10 to one of the top fishing tips for the beginner or the expert, so let’s go ahead and get started with the number.

1. Use Google To Find Good Fishing Spots

Use Google To Find Good Fishing SpotsSo, tip number 10 is using Google Maps or Google Earth to find a great fishing spot.

So, when I started out fishing, I had a really hard time finding good areas to fish.

But then when I started using maps provided by Google, I found a ton of ponds, creeks, lakes, and even a lot of great spots along the river to fish.

Some of my best fishing spots today were found on Google Maps or Google Earth.

So, if you’re looking for a fishing spot, go ahead and get on Google Maps or Google Earth and scout out some.

2. Do Not Hook Your Lure To The Fishing Pole Eyes

Do Not Hook Your Lure To The Fishing Pole EyesAll right so now for tip number nine, guys.

Tip number nine is a mistake that a lot of people make.

Especially beginner fishermen, and that’s when they take their lure when they’re done fishing and they hook it to the actual eyelid itself of the pole.

The reason you don’t want to do this is because it creates little abrasions in the eyelid so then when you have this test.

When the fish is taking your line out and you have pressure right here, this line hits those abrasions caused by those lures and it’ll cut it.

So, you don’t want to put your lure right there, what you want to do is go ahead and put your lure in either the supports for the eyelid.

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Better yet, usually, they have a little hook catch on a lot of these poles that are built-in on the rod itself, and just hook it to that, that’s your best spot.

The next best spot is hooking it to that support beam and never if you can help it, hook it to the eyelids because that’ll create abrasions that will cut your line.

3. Use an Open Face Reel

Use an Open Face Reel
KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels, 9 +1 BB Light Weight, Ultra Smooth Powerful (Amazon)

All right, so now I want to tip number eight and that is to invest in open-faced reels as opposed to closed space reels.

A lot of beginners like the closed-faced reels because they’re a little cheaper and easier to use.

However, they don’t last as long and they don’t cast as far.

So, one nice thing about these open face reels is when you get water on them, they dry off really quickly.

In the close-faced reels water sticks in there with the grit and everything else really wears down on the reel and it doesn’t last that long.

So, if you can, go ahead and buy the open face reels, all right.

4. Save Money on Your Fishing Gear

So now for tip number seven and that’s that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great fishing gear.

  • Good Deals On Fishing Hooks
  • A Very Affordable Fishing Scale
  • Lower Priced Daiwa Samurai Fishing Pole

The video lets you know how to save money on these products.  Read more about them below.

Good Deals on Fishing Hooks

Fishing Hook 500 Piece Set
500PCS High Carbon Steel Fishing Hooks,10 Sizes Fishing Hooks W/Portable Plastic Box, Strong Sharp Fish Hook with Barbs (Amazon)

So, in front of me, I have a few examples where I got some great fishing gear really cheap.

Here are 500 trout pan fishing crappie hooks that I got off Amazon, it’s free shipping, no tax, you can also get it from eBay.

But if you’re ever looking for panfish or trout hooks, some real small hooks.

You get a lifetime supply for about five bucks.

The other thing I did is I got some big old catfish hooks.

These are $10.99 and I also got some eight:O catfish hooks.

I got these; it was like 50 for like 12 bucks. So instead of paying a dollar per hook, like I would Bass Pro or Walmart, this is substantially cheaper and the way to go.

And again, I got these off Amazon or eBay and they’re really sharp and they’ve held up really well and they haven’t rusted.

A Very Affordable Fishing Scale

Fishing Portable Scale
Fish Scale,JOOKKI Hanging Scale Portable Dial Scale LCD Digital Weight Electronic Scale 110lb/50kg with a Tape Measure for Tackle Bag (Amazon)

And the next thing I’d like to talk about is a scale I got right here.

It’s kilograms and pounds.

It goes to the hundredth of a pound.

It’s very accurate up to 50 pounds.

Believe it or not, this is only $2.50 free shipping so you can’t beat that.

And I got this off eBay, but the shipping took about a month because it’s coming from China.

But it was worth the wait for only 250 for this good of a scale.

Lower Priced Daiwa Samurai Fishing Poles

Lower Priced Daiwa Samurai Fishing PolesAnd the other deal I’d like to talk about is even with rods is one of my favorite trout rods and crappie rods is this Daiwa Samurai.

It’s a really cheap rod, believe it or not, this rod and the reel was $15.

I got it on sale as two for 30 at Dicks, and so you don’t always have to pour a lot of money into a rod.

Sometimes you can get away with some really cheap ones that really do work well and this is an example of that.

So, you don’t always have to spend a lot on a rod.

5. Use a Diaper Pin to Keep Your Hooks Organized

Use a Diaper Pin to Keep Your Hooks OrganizedFor fishing tip number six is using close pins to keep track of your miscellaneous hooks and swivels.

So, a lot of times we’ll have like a few hooks just floating around the tackle box.

I saw this a year ago where you can just take a simple close pin.

Go ahead, open it up and you can just thread on all the hooks, all the swivels real easily, and keep track of them so much better.

So, this really helps organize the tackle box and maybe you try with this tip out.

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6. Proper Use of a Fish Stringer

Fishing Fish Stringer
Hurricane Stringer with 10 Stainless Steel Snaps (Amazon)

So, starting with tip number five, I have a what to do and what not to do with stringers.

So, a lot of mistakes people make is stringing a fish through the gills.

The problem with that is they just don’t live as long so your fish isn’t going to be as fresh.

So, when you really want to do is even if it’s a rope stringer.

You want to go through the bottom of the mouth and string that way so you never go through the gills.

Because although you’re making a puncture wound in the bottom of the mouth, it’ll live a lot longer than if you go through the gills because they can’t get oxygen.

I really liked these are chain stringers because you can hook them so easily through the bottom of the mouth.

The only problem with this is these chains stringers I would not use if the fish has over three or four pounds because I’ve found it’s pretty easy for the fish to bend these things out.

So, I really like the rope stringers, but I always go through the bottom of the mouth and never through the gills.

7. Fish at The Right Time of Day

Fish at The Right Time of DayMoving on to tip number four and that’s to fish at the right time of day.

All too often, people are fishing for the fish species at the wrong time of the day.

They’re not having any luck and then the next guy they’re hearing like this great fishing report on the lake.

And a lot of the time it’s because they’re going on at the wrong time.

So, I find usually in the Midwest, dawn, and dusk worked best for me.

For example, white bass, I almost only catch dawn and dusk, I rarely catch at mid-day.

Every once in a while, I’ll get a few catches here and there.

Another example of fishing at night is a lot of times big catfish, I’ll only be able to catch them at night when they come in to feed.

And the third example is at dusk Florida, a few years ago, I did a lot of beach fishing, it was my first time.

I’d fish all day, all evening, catch nothing.

And then one morning I woke up at dawn and was catching them left and right.

Then I started repeating this pattern and found that I could only catch fish at dawn and when it was dawn, the fish were just buying left and right.

So again, always research and try different times out when you go fishing.

8. Bring as Many Baits as Possible Fishing Hacks

Bring as Many Baits as Possible Fishing HacksNumber three on the countdown. So now I’m going to talk about the baits.

And so, when you go fishing always bring as many baits as possible.

A lot of problems that people have is that they fish with one bait and they fish it all day.

You want to have like six, seven, eight different baits.

You want to be using artificial, you want to be using live baits, any bait you can.

If I’m catfishing, I’ll probably have eight different baits with me.

I’ll probably have a worm, dough baits, crawdads, minnows.

I’ll have bluegill and I’ll have cut shad, I’ll be throwing everything I can at them.

Same with bass fishing. I’ll have lot tons of different lures.

I’ll be fishing with minnows; I bring as much stuff as possible and that greatly increases my odds.

And a lot of times I find sometimes a catfish are just biting on worms and shrimps and everything else is not working.

So, you really got to try a lot of different baits, a lot of different lures.

And another thing is, like trout fishing, I have like six or seven different trout baits that I bring every time.

And sometimes I find they’re only taking one trout bait.

So, if I didn’t have that one trout bait, I wouldn’t be catching any trout.

And so that just shows the key of using a lot of different bait, whether it’s live bait or just a lure when you go fishing.

9. Add Nail Clippers to Your Tackle Box

Add Nail Clippers To Your Tackle Box
Nail clippers set black matte stainless steel 3 pcs set (Amazon)

So, moving on to number two in the countdown and that’s to get a pack of nail clippers.

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These are extremely useful to put in your tackle box when cutting the line.

A lot of times I have scissors in there, but scissors are easy to lose, they’re bulky, they’re a little more dangerous.

But if you get like five or six nail clippers and just spread them out throughout your tackle box, keep them in your pockets, you’ll always have something to cut the line.

They’re super compact, they take up no space. For any fisherman, I recommend getting a few nail clippers for the tackle box.

10. Keep Your Bait On The Hook

Keep Your Bait On The HookSo, the final tip on the countdown at number one is when a fish is stripping the bait from your hook, you got to downsize either the bait or the hook.

So, all too often, I see beginners going out there and they’re fishing for bluegill or crappie or catfish, and their bait just keeps getting stripped and they’re frustrated.

They don’t know why they keep putting on more and more bait.

And a lot of times people also think, oh, I’ll string on a huge nightcrawler for this little bluegill and I’ll be sure to catch them a lot quicker.

But the problem is it’s too easy for them to strip the bait when you have that big of bait or too big of a hook.

So, if you’re getting the bait strip from your hook, you need to start downsizing the hook size, downsizing, the bait size, and keep doing that and I guarantee you you’ll start catching whatsoever taking your bait.

So, I hope you learned something here today, and thanks for watching.

Final Words and Credits

These top 10 fishing hacks make sense. They are very easy to follow and can help you catch more fish.

I personally like the one about the Fish Stringers, it sure makes a lot of sense.

Which one was your favorite fishing hack in this video? Let us know in the comments below.

This fishing hacks Video is from the Fishing Youtube channel AnglersEscape, you can find them here.

If you liked their video please make sure to follow them on their channel.

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Top 10 Fishing Hacks Tips Tricks and Techniques for Beginners
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